Saturday, July 23, 2011

Why Can't he Just Take a Mistress?

Why do we believe we'll have the opposite of our parents' undesirable traits? My mom is a worrier, and so I have always thought I would not be that way.

Yet, here I am at nearly one in the morning, worrying. Although it doesn't happen often, I do have these worrying fits at times.

At this such time, as I am typing, my husband is driving to the Grand Canyon. He had flown to California on business, and has decided drive to Arizona to hike from the north rim to the bottom of the canyon. In one day. In July. Alone.

Should I be worried? He has hiked the Grand Canyon several times before, and usually makes the hike in one day. What is different this time is that he will be hiking from the north rim, which is a first for him. It is a longer and more difficult trail. Oh, and yes, let's see, he's ALONE.

I hope that he will be wise on this excursion. If he leaves the marked trail but yet manages to come home alive, I will then kill him. Leaving the marked trail is what gets a person on a show like I Shouldn't Be Alive.

I shouldn't be worrying, but I am.

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  1. When I read the title I thought "Poor thing is tired and sex is last thing on her mind with all those kids..." Then I read the blog and thought... he doesn't need a mistress but a dog to bring with him on these excursions.

    Your hub is the original boy scout. He will be fine... That doesn't mean you can't worry about him though... The good news is after all these years you still love him enough to miss him and worry about him. :)

    Don't even joke about the mistress... Things like that go from our mouths to God's ears, and you sooo don't want that. As someone in that spot for 3.5 years I can say it sucks and tears everyone apart.

    So... hubby... you get tempted to follow her title, get a dog... cuz you do what Angel asked here, and I'll take the kids for a couple days so she can tear you apart...

    Even in FL I have your back Angel... and my kids miss yours...